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  • No.10, Jln TPP 1/19, Tmn Industri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.


YHK Engineering Sdn Bhd with registration number of 200901019509(862607-X), officially established in June 2009, specializes in manufacturing, designing and fabricating steel and stainless steel products. The Company’s production facility is located in the industrial area in Puchong. Some of YHK Engineering’s finest productions are master door letter boxes, aluminium mailboxes, staircase & glass railings, stainless steel bins & washroom accessories, trolleys & housekeeping carts and many more.

Mr David Yap, director of YHK Engineering, is the second generation of the steel and stainless steel production family business. Throughout the years, YHK Engineering, under the management of Mr David, has gradually diversifies its range of products and services to cater the rapid growing market demand.

Up to today, YHK Engineering carries more than 200 types of steel and stainless steel products every household needs. YHK Engineering also plays a major role in many construction & development projects in the country, customizing master door letter boxes and steel glass railings in buildings and high-rises around Klang Valley.


  • – To be the market-leading steel and stainless steel products manufacturer and service provider in Malaysia.
  • – To bring automated steel and stainless steel cutting-edge technology and innovation to the overseas market.
  • – To establish a working methodology and quality management based on 5S and ISO standards.


To complement a safe and comfortable living and working environment globally with high-quality and innovative products made from steel and stainless steel.



All products and services are delivered at its highest quality to ensure customer’s satisfaction.


Our factory is set up in a safe working environment to ensure safety of all employees. On the other hand, the Company also assures all products & services are to be produced, delivered and installed safely at all base.


Progressively moving forward together the market’s dynamic, YHK Engineering never stops creating with new products with the latest technologies.


We work as a team that emphasizes on delivering best quality and results. YHK Engineering is manned with talents that specialize on their own expertize; operations, sales & marketing, accounting, quality control (QC) and production, each of them is well-equipped with the relevant experience and qualification.


Customers are always our priority. We always strive to produce steel & stainless steel products based on customer’s needs & requirements, taking various factors into consideration, like budget, design, location, logistics and others.